L. Kent Wolgamott: Joan Linder’s drawings find art in the everyday

There’s an instant accessibility to Joan Linder’s drawings now on view at Fiendish Plots. They are, to use the exhibition’s title, a look at the “Anatomy of Everyday Things.”

So the subject matter of the five large drawings — four pen and ink, one colored pencil, is of the commonplace — a vacuum cleaner, an old mattress, a bare tree and a kitchen counter covered with everything you could imagine that could be there.

The fifth, however, isn’t so ordinary — a detailed drawing of a cadaver with its torso opened, its muscles and intestines on display.

But that view was, in fact, an everyday thing for Linder, who took her students to the University of Buffalo’s Gross Anatomy Lab to draw, then created a body of work herself, drawing what she saw there over a period of months.

That makes the work in “Anatomy of Everyday Things” personal. But the imagery is universal

Article source: http://journalstar.com/entertainment/visual-art/l-kent-wolgamott-joan-linder-s-drawings-find-art-in/article_1fa5184c-e08f-59c4-b251-fbef0c918fd6.html

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