Landscape art: Rural Punjab, contemporary Lahore on display

Cityscape by Aneela Zulfiqar

Gypsi Tents along the Ravi by Mughees RiazCityscape by Aneela Zulfiqar


An exhibition titled Landscapes, Cityscapes and Related Conceptual Paintings opened at the contemporary art gallery of the Lahore Museum on Thursday. The exhibition portrays rustic Punjab and contemporary Lahore.

As many as 74 landscape paintings by 33 artists, contemporary and old, will remain on display until December 31.

Among the works displayed, those worthy to be mentioned are Paisa Akhbar Street in hues of gray, blue and white by Ajaz Anwar, pigeons dotting the rooftop of a typical Walled City home by Matloob Baig and the rooftop view of homes from the Wazir Khan Mosque by Ghulam Mustafa.

The event was arranged by Dr Rahat Naveed Masud, principal of College of Art

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