Landscape designers can turn your yard into art

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Never underestimate the value of professional landscape designers.

Trained to know what plants work best and what designs function best, they can save you time, money and heartache.

“There is much more to landscaping than popping shrubs around a house,” says Peggy Krapf, a member of the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers.

“Good landscaping has a real artistic component — integrating architecture, plants and functionality — similar to interior decorating.”

Here’s what Krapf and two other Virginia landscape designers say about good garden design:

Consider your architecture

“I love to bring the architecture of the house into the garden.”

“Connecting them with fencing is a wonderful way to enclose the garden — making it feel like an extension of the house. Be sure to use compatible materials and colors in the outdoor spaces. If your home has a brick

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