Landscapes in Layers

Even if you’ve never laid eyes on one of Michael Guerriero’s distinctive serigraphs, you have likely seen one of the first works he created after moving here in 1977. Fresh out of grad school in Kalamazoo, Mich., Guerriero put his graphic design skills to use offering sign-painting services to Old Town businesses. Up against other newcomers like Duane Flatmo, Guerriero convinced several shops to take his offer. Jim Dunn’s Cosmopolitan, a faded gray sign for a historic watering hole, is the only remaining venture from those days, and it’s great fun to look back 36 years and witness the early efforts of one of Humboldt County’s premier serigraphers.

An affable, tall man with silver splinters in his short-cropped, curly hair, Michael Guerriero has a quick laugh and a radiant smile. He has served as a member of the Bridgeville School Board and conducted art workshops with local kids about the Eel

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