Landscapes, spirit and magic combine in sweeping George Morrison exhibition

One of the notions in my imagination was to capture the infinite variations and changes of moods that pass over the lake at different times. I am fascinated with ambiguity, change of mood and color, the sense of sound and movement above and below the horizon line. Therein lies some of the mystery of the paintings: the transmutation, through choosing and manipulating the pigment, that becomes the substance of art. — George Morrison, speaking to Margot Fortunato Galt.

It would be exaggeration to say I have been waiting all my life for “Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison,” now on view at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.

It only felt that way.

Not quite 25 years ago, in Phoenix on business, I carved out a couple of hours for a visit to what was then called, I believe, the Heard Museum of Indian Art.

The big draw

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