Landscapes That Pass Over in Silence

I recently saw a great group show, At the Edges at Angus-Hughes gallery on a subject that interests me greatly; Landscape and how we view the landscape. The choice of artists was particularly strong and the work linked in seamlessly and without fuss. I loved the work and recommend it thoroughly. It’s not on for long though!

To accompany the show, the artists have produced a text which is written by the contemporary British painter Graham Crowley. Anything that connects the Clangers to Wittgenstein and Constable to the Beatles needs another airing so I asked Graham for permission to publish it on Huffington Post UK which he kindly agreed to.

Say what you see…

It is the soul that sees, the outward eyes. Present the object, but the mind decries – John Constable.

At the Edges invites us to reconsider our experience of landscape. It asks us to see landscape as something transient.

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