Last show at Shanghai Art Museum

A major exhibit of big-name Chinese expressionists is the final exhibition of the Shanghai Art Museum on Nanjing Road W. before it moves to its new home in the China Pavilion from the World Expo 2010 Shanghai in Pudong.

The last day of the exhibition, and of the museum’s public operations, will be next Monday, December 31.

The museum next to People’s Square was the former clubhouse of the Shanghai Race Club.

It’s near the Shanghai Grand Theater, People’s Park and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

The future use of the neoclassical building constructed in 1933 has not be decided.

“Perhaps some people don’t remember the first exhibition at museum, but this last exhibition will be unforgettable,” says Zhen Hao, organizer of the exhibition.

Around 30 canvases of Chinese expressionism are on loan from the collection of the privately run How Art Museum,

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