Last Stage of Project on Abstract Art on Display in Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 14.- The fourth part of a series named “Antiformas y abstracciones del Camagüey” i son display at the Julian Morales Art Gallery, belonging to the Cuban Writers and Artists Association (UNEAC).

The project comprises six decades of analysis, research and presentation of 103 pieces of artwork, among which are paintings, pictures, engravings and sculptures by 54 artists who significantly got engaged in the abstract art, art critic Pavel Alejandro Barrios told this reporter.

The search allowed finding artworks by Julio Matilla one of the pioneers in this artistic trend and by poet Rolando Escardó, which dates back to the 1950’s and are a proof of the so-called abstract expressionism, he said.

Barrios explained that abstract art came out in Cuba circa 1953, influenced bt the informalist trend. The group of Cuban intellectuals known as “Grupo de los 11” is the first evidence we have in the History of Art

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