Lecture sheds light on Abstract Expressionism

Trinity University Professor Michael Schreyach will deliver a lecture on “The Meaning of Abstract Expressionism” 10:50 a.m.-noon Thursday in Room 120 of the visual arts center.

A reception will follow the lecture.

Schreyach, an assistant professor of art and art history at Trinity University, will give the lecture on his approach to understanding 20th century Abstract Expressionist artists.

“Dr. Schreyach approaches the study of Abstract Expression, the first distinctively American art movement, through the lens of philosophy, psychology, sociology and literary criticism in order to bring a new awareness to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman and others,” art Professor Debra Schafter said.

This is an opportunity for students to see the artists’ works as more than simply the sum of their formal and technical parts, Schafter said.

“Students influenced by the ideas of Abstract Expressionism will be introduced to the most current scholarship in the field,” Schafter said. “Both majors and nonmajors will

Article source: http://www.theranger.org/premiere/lecture-sheds-light-on-abstract-expressionism-1.2857136

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