Legally positive

The same song has been stuck in my head for about three weeks now, and it’s one you might not be familiar with unless bubbly show tunes saturated with pink and infused with smiles and jazz squares are your kind of thing. Not that they’re necessarily my kind of thing, but I’m not sure any healthy human being could resist the temptation to sing along to all the candy-coated cuteness of “Legally Blonde: The Musical’s” chipper melodies and peppy dance numbers.
And with a number like “Positive” — the tune that’s been coursing through my head as of late — there’s really no harm done. “Keep it positive as you drag her to the floor,” Elle Woods’s sorority sisters sing to her after she finds out her ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend. “Keep it positive as you pull her hair and call her…” well, a word The Observer probably

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