Leon Golub: Bite your Tongue review – so terrific, the paintings roar off the …

Lions prowl, ravening dogs bark, someone fixes you with a grin. You could get stuffed in a car’s trunk and beaten senseless. Or you might end up coerced yourself. A job is a job. You could end up doing anything, given the circumstances. One day you’ll be dead anyway.

Leon Golub found a way to paint the world and human beings that was raw and brutal. His paintings often reek of sweat, testosterone, fear, malice and degradation. Everyone in his art, victims and oppressors alike, has been brutalised by their condition. Golub showed the mentality of violence, its menace and contempt, as well as the act. He paid witness, and even put his own capacity for violence into his paintings.

Densely hung and at times claustrophobic, the Serpentine’s new

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/mar/03/leon-golub-bite-your-tongue-serpentine-review-paintings-roar-chicago

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