Leon Kossoff: London Landscapes, Annely Juda Fine Art

Sixty years of hard work, encapsulated in 90 drawings and a handful of thickly encrusted paintings, by the distinguished, obsessive, single-minded octagenerian artist Leon Kossoff (b 1926) vividly set out a passionate attachment to a simultaneously immutable and ever changing London. An East Ender, Kossoff has had several subjects: he has painted people, and has continually drawn after the Old Masters, first visiting the National Gallery as a schoolchild. His drawings after Poussin were exhibited at the National Gallery. But here for the first time, is an exhibition concentrating on Kossoff’s London.

Working outside in all weathers, thick drawing paper attached to a large clipboard, Kossoff has looked at the resonances of his native city. People surging through underground stations, the old Hungerford Bridge looming over Embankment station, Kilburn underground, trains in the night, an ancient cherry tree carefully

Article source: http://www.theartsdesk.com/visual-arts/leon-kossoff-london-landscapes-annely-juda-fine-art

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