‘Les Adoptés’ Poses the Question, What Is the Nature of Independent Film?

The most recent awards season highlighted once again the separationist attitude of English language, particularly American, films and the “rest”. It epitomised the increasing tendency to pin down an entire nation’s film into one “genre”. Does the fact that they are connected by language have anything to do with the contents of the film? Obviously not, yet one only needs to look at the Anglo-American film mainstream to become aware that that is precisely how “Non-English Language Films”, or “Films of a Foreign Language” (really, lumping Japanese, Indian, French and Nigerian film industries together because they don’t speak English…?) are seen.

The clash between the two was made abundantly clear in definitions of the “indie”, a genre becoming increasingly present in cinema. Les Adoptés (2011) was a small budget, charming and

Article source: http://www.popmatters.com/feature/173951-les-adoptes-or-how-america-took-the-indie/

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