Letters | Don’t forget the mercury at Xcel’s Valmont plant

(Re: “Is city’s municipalization plan the next ghost at Valmont Butte?” News, Feb. 28.) You guys hardly mentioned mercury. Fly ash doesn’t get all of it, especially when burning dirty coal.

There was a rash of meth house busts in East Boulder County beginning in about 2000. Shortly before that, supported by a local attorney for an environmental organization, Xcel got a pass from the legislature on being required to update its controls to best available technology.

Mercury is also emitted along with natural gas in leaking wells, the connection with meth being that both mercury and natural gas are soporifics.

Would taking over the Xcel plant create a huge liability for the city, paying the lifetime rehab bills for those unfortunately poisoned people?

Rich Rebman, environmental health specialist, Renegade Research/Boulder

Not a big fan of Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork

(Re: “Far from flowers,” cover story, March 7.) Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings

Article source: http://www.boulderweekly.com/article-10816-letters-dont-forget-the-mercury-at-xcels-valmont-plant.html

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