Life Lessons We Learned From The First Day of School (That Still Stay With Us)

Columnist Leigh Newman looks back on the dos and don’ts of that horrible, wonderful first day back in the classroom — and how they apply to us today.

By Leigh Newman

The First Person Who Talks To You Isn’t Necessarily Your New Best Friend
You may want her to be your best friend. In fact, way back in seventh grade when you were sitting at a lunch table alone, knowing no one in that whole cafeteria full of laughing, seat-saving people, she may have seemed as if she could be such a person — as long as you ignored her bubbling enthusiasm for Wednesday’s after-school “Coven Club.” And so you invited her over to spend the night. Six months later, you realized you’d spent most of your junior-high experience hanging out in her room, chanting ineffective, creepy spells until you finally admitted to yourself that you two had

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