Light and illumination

A sense of the relationship between art and life are evident in works by Hany Armanious.

Hany Armanious' Power Nap, at Michael Lett's gallery. Photo / Greg Bowker

Art invites speculation about meaning and significance. Often there is no easy way in. The exhibition by Hany Armanious at Michael Lett is a case in point.

All the pieces are isolated still-life objects given an art context by being mounted on a pedestal or within an open frame. The pieces are moulded or modelled in polyurethane resin but they look like found objects.

A typical work is Power Nap, a lantern-like light fitting made in solid polyurethane with the addition of small pieces of figured glass. The framework of the light is painted, with some small pots of coloured pigment beside it.

It stands on a pedestal covered with red-striped paper in a way that a little orange light

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