‘Linda’ Sculpture At Denver Art Museum Is So Life-Like People Think She’s …

DENVER (CBS4) – Pushing the boundaries of realism, the Denver Art Museum has welcomed back a fan favorite. Starting Sunday “Linda” is back on display and joining her are two other works in a new exhibit.

Since her debut, “Linda” has been forcing people to question what’s real, and what’s not. Fans at the Museum Sunday remember seeing her opening day back in 1984.

“It’s amazing to see how real she looks, and I remember thinking and telling my mom, ‘She’s breathing,’ ” a woman said.

“Linda” is a sculpture of a sleeping woman whose realness is now mystifying the next generation.

“My 7-year-old who is here with me today said, ‘Mom, I think she’s really alive,’ ” the woman said.

From her incredibly life-like feet, to the goosebumps on her back, to real human hair, curators call the artist, John DeAndrea, the master of illusion.

“It’s just amazing to think that

Article source: http://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/04/19/linda-sculpture-at-denver-art-museum-is-so-life-like-people-think-shes-breathing/

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