Local artist inspired by Aussie landscape

WHEN Betty Searle sits down with a paintbrush in hand and canvas at the ready, she feels most at ease.

The artist has been creating beautiful oil paintings most of her life and says it is a passion and hobby that will never grow old.

“Painting is a very relaxing hobby, I believe it is the greatest therapy,” she said.

“Even though I work all week I still make time for it, I am extremely passionate about my art.”

Focusing mostly on Australian landscapes and floral art, Betty said she gets her inspiration from the natural wonders around her.

“My husband and I often take trips around Queensland and I photograph the flowers and nature that we see on our way,” she said.

“When I get home, I turn some of the photos into oil paintings.”

Betty says the raw beauty of her surroundings makes painting an easy and enjoyable hobby.

“I love colour, especially the colours of

Article source: http://www.news-mail.com.au/news/local-artist-inspired-aussie-landscape/2518704/

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