Local artists create works inspired by the French Broad to benefit RiverLink

For more than 20 years artist John Mac Kah has lived in Asheville, and for 17 of those years his studio has been located next to the French Broad River. But on an excursion along the river earlier this month, he spotted something he had never seen before — a pair of bald eagles soaring overhead. Rare and memorable experiences like that one have motivated him to sketch or paint the French Broad dozens of times. “The inspiration is that first synapse,” he says, “and it hits like a bolt of lightning. Then, with that in mind, a lot of labor follows to put my original inspiration on the canvas.”

Mac Kah’s love of the river has also inspired his volunteerism for the local organization RiverLink, which is devoted to the preservation of the river’s natural beauty and ecological assets. While brainstorming how to raise funds for RiverLink, he hit on the idea

Article source: https://mountainx.com/news/local-artists-create-works-inspired-by-the-french-broad-to-benefit-riverlink/

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