Local Galleries Already Have Can’t-Miss Shows in the Works—And on the Walls – PW

Late great artist Lenore Tawney in 1998 with “The Crossing”

From a legendary abstract painter and an up-and-coming installation artist to a master weaver and an established filmmaker, the first few months of 2013 promise to be all about the ladies—and a handful of men who don’t fit the art-world mold. Start the year off right by promising to visit five shows that give great artists their due.

Generations: Louise Fishman, Gertrude Fisher-Fishman and Razel Kapustin 

It’s a family thing. Generations contextualizes renowned abstract painter Louise Fishman’s oeuvre in the branches of a creative family tree. Primed for and preceded in painting by her mother, Gertrude Fisher-Fishman, and her aunt, Razel Kapustin, Fishman junior’s legendary body of work is revealed here in a new and intimate light. While Fishman is internationally recognized for her feminist

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