Long Live Free Art: Art as a weapon of resistance across generations – Al

Painting by Huda Lufti (courtesy of arttalks.org).

Focussed on the theme of art as resistance, Art Talks Long Live Free Art showcases graffiti, paint and sculptural works by prominent contemporary artists including Huda Lutfi, Mohamed Abla and Nermine Hammam, as well as promising up and coming artists Ahmed Sabry and Keizer. 

The title of the exhibition, which was launched on 18 December, is evocative of a chant for a reason.

The works are inspired by the 1939 art movement Egyptian Art and Freedom Group created by five revolutionary artists and intellectuals George Henein, Ramses Younan, Fouad Kamel, Anwar Kamel and Kamel El-Telmessani who saw art as a force to liberate the mind and nation.

Fast forwarding to 21st century Egypt, where artists are still battling for freedom within a politically repressive environment,Long

Article source: http://www.albawaba.com/entertainment/art-resistance-458928

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