Love of nature, detail join in artist’s work

In one work by critically acclaimed artist, Lucie Gagnon, a brilliant full moon is captured rising in the night sky, its surface intersected by the scraggly branches of four evergreens stretching upward.

The immediate impression for the viewer is the startling realism and the attention to detail, and the same effect is evoked by her other fine art drawings. It would be easy to ignore or forget that Lucie is using graphite lead pencils to create, and not a camera.

A full moon casts its hypnotic sway over many people. For Lucie, who was born in a house in the remote Northern Ontario village with the bewitching name Moonbeam, the connection may be part personal history, but that is speculation.

There is no doubt, however, that her lifelong love and passion for nature and wildlife is the unifying thread throughout her extensive body of graphite art drawings.

The award-winning artist, whose original pieces have

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