Luxembourg & Dayan Presents A NOT SO STILL LIFE, 2/7-4/5

Luxembourg Dayan is pleased to announce ‘A Not So Still Life’, an exhibition of two significant late paintings by Lucian Freud (1922-2011), presented alongside other mod- ern works in juxtapositions that invite new associations and insights into the art of a 20th century master.

Lucian Freud created an entirely new genre in the depiction of the human figure. His ‘naked portraits’ present subjects as pure animal forms not dissimilar from inanimate still life objects, while at the same time rendering painted flesh with an extraordinary, pene- trating humanity. ‘A Not So Still Life’ presents Freud’s late large paintings ‘Naked portrait in a red chair’ (1999) and ‘David and Eli’ (2003-4). By turns clinical and intimate, stark and tender, the works resulted from weeks of intense sitting by and scrutiny of the artist’s sub- jects. While the woman in the first portrait goes unnamed, the

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