MacEwan LRT station art features different outlook on "Still Life"

Getting LRT riders involved during their commute is the core of some sweet public art installed at the future MacEwan LRT stop.

The art featuring different types of fruit isn’t completely visible to the public yet since the station is still an active construction site, but the already installed artwork created by Toronto-based artists with Studio F-Minus is all about getting people involved.

“We wanted to take that idea of gallery art and make it inclusive. The viewer through his or her position completes the work. It’s a play on the stuffiness and sometimes the inaccessibility of that world and what happens when we bring it out,” said Mitchell F. Chan, partner of the project.

Called “Still life,” the 35-foot long span of artwork is staggered so that through perception, people can also become part of the artwork, said the artists.

““Still life” refers to that high school art class you did where you

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