‘Magic City Realism’ features never-before-exhibited scenes of 1930s Birmingham

“Magic City Realism: Richard Coe’s Birmingham” features 60 never-before-exhibited, Depression-era scenes of Birmingham that Coe etched or painted between 1934 and 1937. But time is running out to see the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) exhibition, which will close this Sunday, June 17.

Katelyn Crawford, of the Birmingham Museum of Art, standing in front of the exhibition she curated, “Magic City Realism: Richard Coe’s Birmingham.” (Erin Harney/Alabama NewsCenter)

“These images provide a view of Birmingham in the 1930s that is otherwise impossible to see,” said Katelyn Crawford, Ph.D., the William Cary Hulsey Curator of American Art at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

“In the city views, industrial scenes and images of neighborhoods created by Coe, we find a city both similar to and distinctly different from the one we live in now,” Crawford said. “I think this exhibition helps us understand

Article source: http://www.alabamanewscenter.com/2018/06/11/magic-city-realism-features-never-exhibited-scenes-1930s-birmingham/

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