Magic Realism on display at University Art Gallery

Ghosts, humans in bat costumes and anthropomorphized birds are among the images in the ongoing art exhibition titled “Lies that Tell the Truth: Magic Realism in Contemporary Art.” 

The exhibition includes works by nine contemporary artists. This multi-medium exhibition features paintings, photographs, etchings, drawings and video. Magic Realism tricks observers by hiding unexpected or suggestive content in what at first might seem to be a common or ordinary scene.

By painting on top of her black and white photographs of birds and other animals, Kate Breakey “gently skews reality a bit.” 

In these larger-than-life-size portraits she attempts to compensate for the animals’ tragic end by giving them an imaginary afterlife. 

In her photorealistic, yet mysterious self-portraits, Susan Hauptman toys with social conventions and gender identities. Forty photographs from Kahn and Selesnick’s Truppe Fledermaus series tell the story of a 1930s theater troupe that enacts carnivalesque performances for the animals.


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