Makkah artist offers a glimpse into the past

Memories have a significant impact on us and impart strong associations from our past experiences and heritage into our daily lives.
Najat Mutahar, an artist from Makkah, chose to delve into the realm of memories in her solo exhibition entitled “So We Were,” providing people a window into the past.
Arabian Wings organized the exhibition in partnership with Abdul Lateef Community Initiatives and Design magazine.
The exhibition, which was inaugurated on Wednesday by Khuloud Attar, founder and director of Design magazine, will run for 15 days at the Gallery of Arabian Wings. It features 16 paintings with various themes, unified in their nostalgic yearning for the past and engrained in a semblance of the holy city of Makkah. The paintings touch upon daily life activities with titles such as, “Love of Siblings,” “Coffee and Ma’moul Part of Daily Life,” “My Grandmother” and “The Old Tailor and the Radio,”

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