Mark Rothko exhibition reveals important original works in Seoul

Within this canvas, this window into the soul, what do you see?
Mark Rothko saw emotions, he saw humanity, he saw a lot more than meets most eyes.
As one of the most famous post-war artists, Rothko gained worldwide fame for his abstract expressionist style, his signature style that brought about a new type of art, and an entirely new art experience.
Rothko wanted to share his emotions with his audience, but not in the way his predecessors had, he created a style all his own.

“There are two issues with the history of art. Realism portrays what the artist sees and expressionism is used by artists to show their emotions. But Rothko was an abstract expressionist. He showed his emotions on the canvas with very little resemblance to reality. But even that doesn’t justly describe him. If there’s too much of one’s self in the

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