Market News: Mr Chow’s art world return

International restaurateur Michael Chow, who was an art student in London during the Sixties, has taken up the paintbrush again after 50 years and is to feature in exhibitions in Hong Kong this week and at the contemporary art fair, Art Singapore, which opens on Thursday, under the name of Zhou Yinghua. Born in Shanghai in 1939, Chow opened his first restaurant in Knightsbridge on Valentine’s Day 1968. Since then, it has been a popular meeting place for the art world, bedecked as it is with paintings by Peter Blake, Jim Dine and a host of other Sixties artists.

Last Hallowe’en, I was at a dinner there given by the leading Chinese artist Xu Bing, on the eve of the opening of his magical installation in the VA garden, which was attended by artists, collectors, museum representatives and patrons, magazine editors, writers and broadcasters.

Video: Mr Chow on his art

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