Master in our midst: Gregor predated an art movement

At 85 years young, Harold Gregor cannot afford to sit back and fade away into retirement.

After all, the retired Illinois State University professor has two exhibitions coming up at prestigious Midwest galleries and he knows he’d better start swinging his brush. He’s got a lot of paintings in the works.

Gregor’s career spans more than 50 years. His works are hanging at the White House and galleries in Chicago and New York. Yet you’ve probably run into Gregor on a casual walk in downtown Bloomington as he arrives at work at his gallery at 311 N. Main Street.

Born in Detroit in 1929, during the middle of the Great Depression, Gregor remembers a day in his first-grade classroom that probably launched his fierce determination to make a life for himself in the arts.

“It was a bad time,” Gregor said. “The school systems were feeling the pinch of the Great Depression. Paper and

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