Maverick Llyn Foulkes is finally inside the art world — at age 79

It’s eerily quiet at Llyn Foulkes’ Church of Art, a.k.a. his studio at the Brewery arts complex in downtown Los Angeles. Rows of empty metal folding chairs face a small, altar-like stage; floral air freshener, mixed with the sharp scent of turpentine, permeates the cavernous room.

A reporter and the artist’s press representative are enough of an audience for the 79-year-old Foulkes, a maverick painter who came out of the ’50s and ’60s Pop art scene. Foulkes started at Los Angeles’ Ferus Gallery alongside artists such as Ed Ruscha, Robert Irwin and Ed Moses, but then faded from the limelight for decades until a recent comeback that included a Hammer Museum retrospective in 2013 — so no attention goes unappreciated.

Artist Llyn Foulkes rocks out on his Machine

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