Med student has an artist’s touch

Hannah St. Denis-Katz has a picture of Costa Rica above her bed at home. She painted it. The black and white piece shows palm trees and sun, shaded with personal experience.

She has been there.

St. Denis-Katz, 20, travels a lot. She enjoys distance running, rock climbing and biking. She has seen Alaska and Argentina, Spain and Finland, northern Saskatchewan and small-town Quebec. She looks forward to a taste of Thailand this summer.

Two main elements in her paintings are sky and water. Although most of her art is colour, she stuck to basics for the Costa Rica piece. Painting sun in black and white is a challenge, she said.

She likes realism. Her paintings look as crisp as digital photos, with added touch. A beach scene in one of her works is sprinkled with real sand.

“Art gives another feeling to the picture,” St. Denis-Katz said. “I’m working on one from when I was

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