Medical artist’s work helping cancer survivors feel whole again

Paul Tanner, with Custom DME, is an anaplastologist — someone who makes prosthetic body parts. He developed a unique nipple prosthesis after realizing his skills could help breast cancer survivors re-gain what they once had.

“People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,” Tanner said, “and when you give them something back, what they originally had, that’s what makes a real difference in their lives. That’s what makes them feel whole again.”

Tanner spends his days creating elaborate, detailed works of art that few people will ever see. His custom prosthetics help give women a part of their body back to make them more like they were before cancer.

“When you’re being treated for breast cancer with a mastectomy — it depends on your tumor and where it is — but a lot of times everything goes, and you have to make that sacrifice if you want to live,”

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