Meet Metro, a Champion Racer-Turned Abstract Painter Who Is Also a Horse

It had been too long since we last profiled an artist equestrian — that is, a horse who makes art, as opposed to “equestrian artist,” an artist who makes horse art — so the heartwarming story of Metro, a former racing horse who found glory at Belmont and Saratoga before his knees gave out and he turned to abstract expressionism, comes as the perfect holiday gift.

Though he earned $300,000 as a race horse, after Metro’s badly damaged knees permanently sidelined him, his new owner Ron Krajewski, who is also an artist, discovered the horse’s other major talent: abstract expressionist painting. Now Metro spends his days in his stable in Rocky Ridge, Maryland, at the easel, creating vigorous and bold compositions applied in thick, gestural brushstrokes. The works fetch several hundred dollars each, with proceeds from the sales

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