Mel Ramos?s Life of Nudes and Superheroes

Given Pop Artist Mel Ramos turns 80 in July, it might be too late for him to ever contemplate a second career as an agony uncle on a men’s magazine. But he would surely be well suited to such a role since Ramos has painted naked women on canvas for six decades, yet in August celebrates his 60th wedding anniversary.

Ramos’s devotion to the nude figure is unparalleled among America’s living artists. He’s painted women coming out of bananas, sitting on top of hamburgers, cigars and Toblerone bars, inside martini glasses and through keyholes. One of his wilder works pictured a girl with a raccoon between her legs.

You will not be surprised to hear feminists do not hold the work of Mel Ramos in awe. But ever since Ramos abandoned Abstract Expressionism as an art student in 1960 in an effort to get visually closer to the

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