MGLFF 2015: Kristen Wiig Shines in Nasty Baby

MGLFF 2015: Kristen Wiig Shines in Nasty Baby

Making and/or having a child seems like such a struggle, or at least film has injected that mentality to someone like myself: someone who will eventually resort to adoption or in vitro fertilization (IVF) because of my queerness. With that said, a film like Sebastián Silva’s Nasty Baby doesn’t make the notion of creating life any less terrifying, but it’s certainly a refreshing angle to the two gays and one pregnant girl story that we’ve seen before.

Silva’s film follows the daily happenings of three individuals as they consider whether or not to have a child and then go through with the process. Freddy (Silva) and Polly (Kristen Wiig) are best friends, one an artist embarking on an art project about his soon-to-exist child, and the other a doctor determined to perform IVF on herself with her friend. Freddy’s partner,

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