Michael Craig-Martin: ‘I have always thought everything important is right in …

You first came to London in the 60s from America. Was it easy to become part of the British art world?
When I came in 1966 there were things happening – the Vietnam war – that I was very uncomfortable about in America. But when I got here the pop artists like Richard Hamilton, Patrick Caulfield, Peter Blake they idolised America, they were absolutely infatuated with an idea of it. That was very funny to me because all of what to them was a dream to me was quite ordinary.

Andy Warhol was already the dominant influence of those times…
Yes. The Factory was incredibly famous. In a way, I think the 1990s were very like the 1960s. Pop art in the early 60s spoke to a very large audience directly, it was accessible in the way that abstract expressionism had never been. That is exactly what happened with the Young

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/apr/26/michael-craig-martin-interview-everything-important-is-in-front-of-you--guru

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