Missoula artist’s animated WWI documentary in a category all its own

Missoula filmmaker Andy Smetanka is re-screening his film, “And We Were Young,” this weekend at the Crystal Theatre, giving residents another chance to see what surely is the most do-it-yourself of DIY projects the city has produced in some time.

The animated World War I documentary, three years in the making, premiered in February at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival to a packed house.

Months later, it’s still difficult to think of anything to compare the film to, because of the unique intersection of its subject matter and his execution.

Regarding the former, Smetanka set his sights specifically on the experiences of American doughboys in WWI. He created the film from their perspective, using only their words culled from an oral history, and animated the action from their point of view, whether as naive youngsters signing up for battle or frightened men battling in the trenches.

As per the execution, it’s safe to

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