Montclair Art Museum Shows: ‘Oscar Bluemner,’ ‘New Spirit’

Eight days later in Paterson, N.J., then a center of silk manufacturing, another event began that is better known to social historians: the Silk Strike of 1913, one of the biggest union actions to date in American labor history.

You might suppose that these events were unrelated, but you would be wrong, as a pair of exhibitions at the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey reveals.

The main attraction, “The New Spirit: American Art in the Armory Show, 1913,” presents works by artists who were included in the Armory Show, most of them Americans. Organized by the museum’s chief curator, Gail Stavitsky, and the independent scholar and curator Laurette E. McCarthy, the show includes paintings by artists who were tuned into the European avant-garde, like Marsden Hartley, John

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