Mr. Christo, is this really about art?

It’s hard to fathom the chutzpah of artist Christo. How can he believe that spreading drapery over landmarks and landscapes will give anyone pleasure? Or does he believe the purpose of art is to spread outrage?

Art is often controversial. Impressionism, cubism, fauvism — all met with rejection at first. But at least the choice to look at the new styles was entirely up to the individual, who could choose to go to the local art gallery or shun it.

Not so with Over the River. Anyone who lives in the area of Bighorn Sheep Canyon will be forced to experience Christo’s installation.

The impacted wildlife and the cliffs he will drill can’t speak, but the impacted people can — and they have. They like the way the canyon looks au natural, not hidden by 5.9 miles of canvas attached to steel cables that will have to be anchored very deep

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