Multi-focus Memoryscapes Reach Beyond Imagination

Imagination is considered to be the strongest quality needed to create a successful work of art, a piece distinguishable from others. Memory seems just as essential because everyone’s perspective and lived moments are completely different, even if people may be in the same situation.

Photo by Patricia Oprea

From memories one can cultivate a certain emotion, and apply that to their art. “Memory, much like a dream, is never sharply in focus or detail, but always suggestive,” artist William McCarthy said.

This month at the Seton Art Gallery in Dodds Hall, curator Laura Marsh put together a display titled “Multi-focus Memoryscapes.” These works of art are an evocation of what is felt and conjured from memory, not a real-world representation. Thursday, March 7, marked the gallery’s official opening, and all three featured artists were present to mingle with viewers and discus their

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