Musician’s photography at University Art Museum

You may have heard Dickie Landry’s saxophone on stage with the Lil’ Band O’ Gold, Bas Clas or True Man Posse. For that matter, he’s played with a number of the Cajun, zydeco and other bands in the area.

You may have even known that Landry pioneered the use of a quadraphonic delay system that allows him alone to front a live quintet of music of his own making through time-delayed repeats. He has performed this around the world in major concert halls, art galleries, museums, universities and churches.

There’s also his tenure with Philip Glass. His time with Laurie Anderson and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as recordings with Robert Plant, Paul Simon and the Talking Heads (to literally name a few). Landry was a consultant on the “The Big Easy” movie.

Landry’s also known for his paintings, something he took up in 1994. But sometime between picking up the sax at age

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