My Turn: Kimball Jenkins exhibit departs from traditional abstract art but …

(Tomorrow through April 30, the Kimball Jenkins School of Art presents “Lighting Out for Territory,” an exhibition of work by Paul Pollaro, Martin Mugar, Susan Carr, Addison Parks and Jason Travers. The title of the exhibition, taken in part from a classic line in Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn,” suggests a break with the familiarity and security of traditional abstraction. These five artists light-out into the visually unexplored territories of the tactile and the visceral, and ask the question: What is abstract art?)

It is commonplace to think of abstract art solely as a work of the imagination and fantasy – and Realism because it represents recognizable things as well. But we have to ask: What is reality?

That is a big question that we don’t

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