NATURAL SPLENDOR: Four Arts show proves that outdoor, impressionist …

The two stars of “Painting the Beautiful: The Pennsylvainia Impressionist Landscape Tradition” at the Society of the Four Arts are unfortunately deceased, but their paintings are very much alive.

Their names are Edward Redfield and Daniel Garber, and their work, as well as the rest of the exhibit, derive from the collection of the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsyvlania.

There were many localized schools of Impressionism scattered throughout America, but the Pennsylvania group seems to have been a late-blooming adjunct of the Barbizon school – this is all plein air painting, with an emphasis on rural atmosphere and an implicit appreciation of traditional values.

Redfield in particular seems to have been heading that way from the beginning of his career. There’s a painting from 1898 called “Joinville Le Pont,” that’s all mist and gauze in the approved style of the day, but by mid-career – he was born in 1869

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