Need Ink?

Ever wanted a little ink? This weekend could be the ideal time. Devils Hollow Tattoo and Art Festival is in town.

National artists are rubbing shoulders with area tattoo artists.

“It’s an unusual festival because usually you have lots of locals and a few big names. Here we have lots of national talent and a few local artists,” said Carl Blasphemy, master of ceremonies and host for the weekend. Blasphemy, from Baltimore, travels nationally with the festival.

Joey Tattoo was in the house. Former host of Spike TV’s “Tattoo Rescue,” which ran for 11 episodes, Tattoo said he learned there are a lot of tattoo shops out there in need of help, and most of the people who run them want to learn how to improve. Now that the show is over, he is focused on his own business. He employees three men and three women tattoo artists in his New Jersey shop.

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