New comics releases include Miracleman and a Detective Comics tribute

The second debut of Rick Remender’s three new Image ongoing series, Deadly Class #1 (Image) sees the writer revisiting his youth as a punk kid in the ’80s with an action comic about teenage assassins in 1987 San Francisco. This first issue spotlights Marcus Lopez, a 14-year-old homeless orphan who may have burned down the boys’ home he was placed in after a bridge jumper landed on his parents and instantly killed them, depicting a situation that exaggerates universal adolescent feelings of alienation, rage, and desperation. In an essay at the end of the book, Remender writes that this title is a magnification of what he experience as a teen, and he evokes those sensations of danger and confusion by putting his lead character in overwhelmingly bleak circumstances before throwing him into a high-octane action sequence that turns everything upside down.

There’s nothing subtle about this first issue, but

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