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The first time I met artist Virginia Fifield — during an art show opening at ArtServe, where she was on the board and I was working as a marketing consultant — I asked what she did. The elegant brunet merely responded, “Oh, I do drawings of animals.”

Several months later, I saw her work for the first time at the Boca Museum of Art. Fifield was standing in front of her large-scale charcoal piece The Bird in the Hand. It was an exquisite drawing. Wrinkles on the hand were lifelike. So were the birds’ feathers, each follicle recorded with a meticulous stroke of charcoal. My mind was blown.

Beauty, grace, and an intense artistic strength all come through in Fifield’s works, which are on display at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood in the show “Them/US.” When it opened Friday, January 24, art fans flocked to her side. She beamed and

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