No, these aren’t photos! Artist paints incredibly realistic self-portraits …

  • Artist Lee Price from New Mexico, USA, spent seven years on the
  • Paintings explore women’s complex relationship with food
  • Artist ‘grappled’ with eating disorders growing up
  • Still has a difficult relationship with food 

Naomi Greenaway

09:39 EST, 3 June 2014


13:10 EST, 3 June 2014

An American artist has
exposed her most private moments in a series of self-portraits that
portray her eating behind closed doors.

The thought-provoking images, painted with almost photographic realism, depict the artist in different secret bingeing scenarios.

one she’s surrounded by cupcakes on the sofa, another shows her lying
on a bed covered in fast food wrappers and in others she’s eating in the
bath and even

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