Northern Rivers artists are thriving in a digital landscape

ART is constantly reinventing itself, and over the centuries artists have reshaped themselves too, from apprentice craftsman; to artisan, to solitary genius and to the artist as creative entrepreneur.

During the 1960’s Andy Warhol would become famous as the supreme businessman artist and his New York studio ‘The Factory’ provided the backdrop for happenings with Hollywood celebrities and rock stars.

The entrepreneurial artist is hardly a new beast, however, the internet and social media has meant the exponential rise of a breed of artist who are not only makers, but increasingly they’re also the salespeople and chief publicists behind the works they create.

I’m a potter and you’d be hard pressed to find a material that is more earthy and removed from the digital age as clay.

However rapid advances in technology and the internet not only helps me to produce works of art, it also allows me to speak directly with large audiences

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