Now On: Egon Schiele & His Age Exhibition, Museum Of Fine Arts Budapest

The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, by way of a continuation of its exhibition presenting Gustav Klimt and the early Secession offers an insight into the work of the most outstanding artist of the following generation: Egon Schiele, and through his contemporaries into the development of Viennese Expressionism, the school that superseded Jugendstil.

On display until 29 September 2013

The 70 works coming from the world’s richest Schiele collection, the Leopold Museum in Vienna, will be complemented by drawings and paintings by Schiele, coming from other prestigious collections and further works by Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka and Carl Moll from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Vienna’s bustling cultural life was still ablaze with the success of Art Nouveau at the beginning of the century when so-called pretenders to the throne appeared. The wilder and more rebellious (Schiele, Kokoschka) or the more withdrawn (Richard Gerstl) artists won both enthusiastic supporters and loud

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